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Get to know our new service, PRE-ORDER!

An EXCITASY seal service, made for you, that will allow you to make pre-orders of exclusive products, pre-releases, new products, and buying the desired amounts, stating your position in the market and increasing your business volume.


What are the advantages of EXCITASY’S PRE-ORDER for your business?

  • Be the first to trade a product or brand;
  • Access to exclusive products;
  • Priority on deliveries;
  • Processing special order or amounts;
  • Time to plan marketing strategies.


How does it work?

Your account has the PRE-ORDER service configured, however, you may change that definition at any moment, go to => MY ACCOUNT => ORDERS, not affecting any previous and processed PRE-ORDER.

How to proceed to the payment? The payment is made when the order is made, assuring the intended amounts and priority on delivery.

How is the delivery? Being a pre-order, and EXCITASY not having the full stock for immediate delivery, the product expectable delivery is available on the product, and you will be informed of each step until the goods are received.


What are you waiting for to enjoy this new feature?


Grow with EXCITASY!

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